Thank you for visiting this site and taking the first step towards mind, body and spirit wellness. Whether you seek support in physical healing, psycho-spiritual growth, emotional balance, or to improve your general state of well-being, Beth’s integrative healing process and warm, caring touch provide an opportunity to discover more about yourself, your relationship to health and disease, and your relationship to others.

“I have been one of Beth’s clients for over six years. Beth has helped me to successfully: navigate the tricky waters of divorce, blend two families, care for aging parents, and become more of my authentic self. By using a variety of modalities such as hypnosis, energy healing, and guided conversations, Beth has supported my growth and well-being. Through my work with Beth, I feel a greater sense of clarity and peace about my past, present, and future.”


“Beth’s calm and direct approach, both during our discussions and during the healing sessions, enabled me to surrender and trust that I was going to be ok. Beth helped me shine light on the beliefs and fears that were holding me back from healing. She allowed me to rest during our sessions while she brought my energy back into balance. The energy healing part of our sessions was my favorite part of the treatment.”