Beth Karpowic

BethKPhoto_webBeth is extensively trained and certified in Brennan Healing Science (BHS), a leading energetic healing modality that addresses the whole person. BHS specifically looks at the human energy field, how each individual is “running” their energy, and what effect this is having on their health. Through hands on healing and informed discussion, Beth helps her clients begin to balance and regulate their energy system, leading to increased well-being and often to improved physical health. BHS can be utilized as part of an integrated plan of care for individuals with acute or chronic disease and/or injuries, as well as for emotional trauma and stress. It is an effective, complementary modality that can enhance and support medical treatment, psychotherapy, or a personal wellness plan. BHS is a gentle, yet profoundly healing modality, which clients often find to be personally transformative.

Beth also holds a graduate degree in counseling, is trained in grief and bereavement support, and is certified in hypnosis, regression therapy, and life coaching.