After years of struggling, I decided it was time to undergo major surgery to relieve a chronic physical condition. In addition to the physical pain and discomfort I was experiencing, the fears I had about the procedure and the fears I had about possible limits I would experience after my surgery were impacting my life in a really negative way.

I am incredibly grateful that I worked with Beth during this difficult time. Unlike most practitioners who are limited to working in their specialty silos, Beth was uniquely trained, through many years of study and practice, to holistically address both the mental and physical aspects of my situation. In our world of conventional medicine, this is very rare.

Beth’s calm and direct approach, both during our discussions and during the healing sessions, enabled me to surrender and trust that I was going to be ok. Beth helped me shine light on the beliefs and fears that were holding me back from healing. She allowed me to rest during our sessions while she brought my energy back into balance. The energy healing part of our sessions was my favorite part of the treatment. –Jenny