I started to see Beth on recommendation from a friend. I had been in search of a different type of therapy for many years.  I had done the traditional route of therapy and had found I was at a stand still and not progressing. Working with Beth has been truly transformative. I was very depressed and full of anxiety when I first went to Beth. Beth helped me work through my issues using hypnosis and breathing techniques. With her guidance, I learned to be a witness to my thoughts and feelings without allowing them to take over. In this way I was able to stay centered, come up with a different solution and most importantly not jump to “possible “ conclusions.  This reduced my anxiety by 90%.  Beth also helped me through guided meditation to discover my guardian angel and power animals, whom I now call on regularly to guide and protect me. I have found this to be a very powerful tool.

Over the past few years Beth has been doing energy healing with me. I just lay on the table and I trust her implicitly. She is able to shift blockages within me and I have experienced tremendous change in my energy levels.  I have been through many medical issues and with Beth’s help I have recovered from them much faster.  I have been able to remove myself from situations that were toxic and I have started a whole new journey in my life.

I am beyond grateful to Beth for helping me to release all that had bound me.- Fidelma